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Tower of Santo Stefano Belbo

The main tower of the late Santo Stefano Belbo chateau is reduced to a ruin since a long time now. However, its dominance and its uniqueness, which casts its shadow along a wide stretch in the valley of Belbo, make it a historical and architectural evidence of a certain value. The presence of a medieval castle on this site is firstly attested in a document found in Asti, dated 1188 and 1196, referred to the Marquis of Monferrato ( “castri et Villae burgi sancti stephani”). The building, with a square stem, however, was maybe built in the first half of the Thirteenth Century, during the feudal rule of the Marquis of Busca in dependence on the City of Asti. It has sides of approximately 9 x 7 meters; the remaining walls are in bricks with stone on the corners.


Property: private - Age: X-XII sec. - Shape: rectangular - Material: stone - Dimensions: side 9 x 7 x h 26 m - Located in the rocca panoramica


The tower is not open and the site is private property, but you can see it across the street or with consent from the owner.


Tel. +39.0141.84.18.11


Tower praticability: no
Site praticability: no