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Tower of Rocca Cigliè

In the middle of Rocca Cigliè square we can see the slender main tower’s quadrangular stem. According to Giovanni Olivero (Historical Memoirs of the City and the Marquis of Ceva, 1858), it is the ”high tower with eight trebuchets which indicates from afar where the castle once stood.” In fact, the related medieval castle for a long time is barely visible on one side of the “Palatium”. The castle belonged for several century to the Marquis of Ceva, since the division of the inheritance among the sons of Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto, perhaps in 1142. Two documents dated 1364 and 1382, in which the Marquis of Ceva first give away and then get back the feud of Rocca Cigliè, with specifications about the component parts of the castle and tower. In the same year, 1382, half of that feud it was granted to the Lords de Morocio. The remaining main tower was probably built in the second half of the Thirteenth Century. Its height is about 30 meters; at the top there are still remnants of the trapdoors.


Property: private - Age: XII-XII sec. - Shape: squared - Material: stone - Dimensions: side 4,5 x h 28 m - Located in the public square.


The tower is not open but the fortress is open.


Tel. +39 0174785219


Tower praticability: no
Site praticability: yes