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Tower of Camerana

Dated Thirteenth Century is a quadrangular tower, still related to the ruins of the castle of Camerana, located in the hamlet named Villa, on Bormida valley. Although the place already mentioned in a document written in 967 in favor of the bishop of Savona, the historical building was firstly referred to as “castrum Camairana” in a document dated 1142, concerning the division of the inheritance among the sons of Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto. The construction of the tower and the renovation of the castle complex is probably due to the Marquis of Monferrato, for which the castrum is included in the acts of 1216 and 1233. The high tower is made in stone.


Property: municipal - Age: XII-XIII sec. - Shape: rectangular - Material: stone - Dimensions: sides 4 x 5,5 x h 37 m - Located in the public square


The tower opens every day from 8 am to 12:30 pm by taking the municipal key
On saturday and sunday the key will be available from Loredana Prandi or Graziella Prandi.



Loredana Prandi tel. +39 0174 963 82
Graziella Prandi tel. +39 328 191 563
Commune of Camerana tel. +39 0174 960 21


Tower praticability: yes
Site praticability: yes



Free – donations accepted.