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Albaretto della Torre

On the first hills of the Langhe, there is the tower of Albaretto della Torre, last trace of a disappeared castle, for a long time belonged to a branch of Del Carretto family. The building is certified as “castrum Albaretti” in a uncertain document dated 1142, concerning the division of the inheritance among the sons of Marquis Bonifacio del Vasto. The tower is expressly mentioned only in 1340, when Giacomo Del Carretto got the mayors of  the “villa” of Albaretto signing a document right in that tower. However, its construction may be dated back to the first quarter of the Thirteenth Century. Set with square shaft and built in cut stone in sight, the building is crowned at the top by decorations that feature the terrace on top. The arrangement of the scaffolding holes in the walls varies in 2 or 3 alignments.


Property: municipal - Age: XI-XIII sec. - Shape: squared - Material: stone - Dimensions: side 5 x h 28 m - Located in the public square of Albaretto


The tower opens only if you call +39 0173 52 00 43


TUE/SUN call +39 0173 52 00 43


Tower praticability: yes
Site praticability: yes


Free for children until 12 years old.